Puto’s Plan for American Energy Impotence

Robert Francis “Puto Pendejo” O’Dourke’s plan for American Energy Impotence…

Democratic presidential candidate O’Rourke lays out $5 trillion climate plan


The plan lays out a series of executive actions that would reverse the “energy dominance” policies of President Donald Trump…

What’s the opposite of “dominance”?

  • impotence
  • incapacity
  • powerlessness
  • submission
  • surrender
  • weakness
  • yielding
  • inferiority
  • subordination
  • modesty

Puto appears to be going for “all of the above”…

O’Rourke’s measures include U.S. re-entry into the Paris Climate Agreement, ordering a reduction in methane emissions from oil and gas operations, halting new drilling leases on federal land and restoring pollution standards for power plants.

Unless Puto plans to carve out an exception for Federal waters, this would quickly gut the nation’s #2 source of new oil production.

But, Puto’s plan for energy impotence apparently wasn’t impotent enough…

[T]he upstart Sunrise Movement, the youth-led group that has pushed the Green New Deal into the spotlight, said O’Rourke’s plan fell short of what they said scientists said was necessary to fend off the worst impacts of climate change.

The Green New Deal calls for achieving net zero emissions within a decade, not by mid-century, as O’Rourke’s plan sets out.

“Beto claims to support the Green New Deal, but his plan is out of line with the timeline it lays out and the scale of action that scientists say is necessary to take here in the United States to give our generation a livable future,” said Sunrise founder Varshini Prakash.

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