Arctic Methane Seeps Slow Global Warming

Are methane seeps in the Arctic slowing global warming?

This article raises several questions:

Why are climate “scientists” always surprised when it turns out to not be worse than previously expected?

Was this discovery so inconvenient that it justified doubling up on “in isolated spots in the Arctic” in the same sentence?

If CH4 is so much worse than CO2… Why do “scientists know relatively little about its role in the global carbon cycle,” while seeming to know everything there is to know about CO2?

Does this mean that a controlled program of methane hydrate dislocation would help alleviate Gorebal Warming, Chicken Little of the Sea and hypoxia?

When combined with other data—sudden drops in water temperature, along with increases in dissolved oxygen and pH at the surface—the lower COlevels were telltale signs of bottom water upwelling and photosynthesis, Pohlman says.

Based on this economic analysis, methane hydrate production would be uneconomic…

The following shows the result of a calculation performed on the production costs.





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