Canadian Arctic Reconstruction

Using the same basic methods as my Greenland Sea reconstruction, I put together a reconstruction for the Canadian Arctic…

Fig. 1) Canadian Arctic station location map.


From Baffin Bay, west to the Yukon Territory, I found 12 GISS/GHCN stations with long, relatively continuous, record lengths with data through 2011…

Fig. 2) Canadian Arctic temperature reconstruction.

The most significant features are:

  1. A strong warming trend from 1992-2010.
  2. A general lack of data from 1910-1945, resulting in a very noisy early 20th century signal.
  3. No data at all from 1911-1921.



One Response to “Canadian Arctic Reconstruction”

  1. Panama foundation Says:

    Figure 1 from a shows the surface reconstruction for the Arctic region 64 to 90 N before and after the addition of the new data Figure 1. Surface temperature reconstruction for the Arctic showing similarity between results with only GHCN stations black and with the inclusion of additional stations red .

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