“June 2010: 3rd hottest on record for Dallas-Fort Worth” or just UHI?

June 2010: 3rd hottest on record for Dallas-Fort Worth (ties with 2008)

July 1, 2:26 AMDallas Weather ExaminerSteve LaNore

June 2010 will go down as the 3rd hottest on record at DFW, (ties with 2008), and falling just short of the “big bake” of 1980.

It was a close race: June 2010’s average was only half of a degree below the 1980 June average.



2010 might have had the third hottest June on record for DFW… But that might be more indicative of Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect than it is of climate change…

DFW June Temperatures

 June shows a slight (0.05°C per decade) and insignificant (R² = 0.0057) warming trend since 1948. 

DFW is a large metropolitan area that has grown steadily since 1948.  It is a great candidate for UHI.  Let’s look at the four long-record stations in smaller towns around DFW…

June shows a slight (0.09°C per decade) and insignificant (R² = 0.0616) cooling trend since 1881 while DFW has warmed slightly since 1948…

DFW vs Weatherford, Gainsville, Greenville & Corsicana

It also appears that the delta-T between DFW and the surrounding, less-urban communities is growing with time.

Why would DFW (population > 4 million) be warming while the surrounding smaller towns & cities are cooling?  Could it just possibly be UHI?

It’s also interesting that the R² for the less-urban cooling trend is about 10 times as large as DFW’s R²… Yet Enviromarxist libtards cite DFW’s “3rd hottest” June as evidence for anthropogenic global warming…

While the world burns

Via Yglesias I see that David Leonhardt of the NYT has a great column today on our wonderful Senate and climate change:

[Washington] just endured its hottest June since records began in 1872, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. So did Miami. Atlanta suffered its second-hottest June, and Dallas had its third hottest…

…Yet when United States senators and their aides file into work on Wednesday, on yet another 90-degree day, they may be on the verge of deciding to do approximately nothing about global warming. The needed 60 votes don’t seem to be there, at least not at the moment…

…According to NASA, 2010 is on course to be the planet’s hottest year since records started in 1880. The current top 10, in descending order, are: 2005, 2007, 2009, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2004, 2001 and 2008.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, right?


The Guardian, Michael Tomasky’s Blog

I live in Dallas. It’s hot. It’s summer. It’s supposed to be hot in Dallas in summer. So far, we’ve had a fairly average summer. June was a bit warmer than normal and July has been a bit cooler than normal. No record high temperatures broken yet. We’ve barely nicked 100°F a few times this summer. Most days, the highs have been 94°F to 97°F. We had a stretch of rain back in June that actually dropped our pool water temerature to about 82°F. The one area where has been noticeably warmer than usual is in the night-time lows. Does the CO2 “only come out at night”?

2010: Summer of Love... Love Field Airport, Dallas TX


3 Responses to ““June 2010: 3rd hottest on record for Dallas-Fort Worth” or just UHI?”

  1. Mike Says:

    Well august was one of the worst ever buddy. Lived in Dallas all my life and the summer of 2010 was the worst.

    I trust NASA over you.

    • David Middleton Says:

      Hey Mike… Thanks for visiting the Debunkhouse. I’ve lived in Dallas since 1981. August was pretty hot. But I doubt it was hotter than 1998.

      In case you missed it, I’m using the same data NASA-GISS does, the GHCN data. I downloaded it from NASA-GISS.

      The August 2010 data haven’t been published yet. July 2010 was the 27th warmest July on record for DFW…

      YEAR (°C)
      1980 33.3
      1998 33.1
      1954 32.5
      1956 31.7
      2008 31.7
      1978 31.3
      1969 31.1
      2006 31
      2000 30.9
      1957 30.8
      1963 30.8
      1993 30.7
      1951 30.6
      1964 30.6
      1977 30.6
      2001 30.6
      2003 30.3
      2009 30.3
      1952 30.2
      1966 30.2
      1986 30.2
      1965 30.1
      1974 30.1
      1949 30
      1996 30
      1999 30
      2010 30

  2. Angelo R Says:

    When was the “Texas Heat Wave” ? I think it was in the 80’s some time..

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