“An undeniable defeat in stemming climate change in this country”

All doubts about the scientific illiteracy of the Gorebots and Enviromarxist Libtards can be permanently set aside. This quote is the mother-of-all QED’s…

“An undeniable defeat in stemming climate change in this country.”

Climate change plan collapses in Senate

San Francisco Chronicle
Monday, July 26, 2010

There is plenty of blame to share for the political demise of climate change legislation in Washington. Timid Democrats, obstinate Republicans, a risk-averse White House and a sour public outlook that green groups couldn’t counter. Each played a role.


The result is an undeniable defeat in stemming climate change in this country. It echoes overseas also with other countries wondering about American resolve on a global issue.



Anyone who thinks that it’s possible to *stem* climate change is

Anyone who thinks that we should spend more than a plugged nickel (much less $2 trillion) in furtherance of “stemming climate change in this country” is hopelessly scientifically and economically illiterate.

Even if we could stem “climate change in this country” at some reasonable cost, it wouldn’t make any difference to the global process of climate change.

The red curve is the HadCRUT3 Northern Hemisphere instrumental surface temperature record since 1850 plotted to the same scale as the ice core-derived temperature record from Central Greenland over the last 3,000 years…

Can you say “natural climate cycle”?

Expanding the scale out a bit, the “climate change” since 1850 is not even a tiny bump in the Holocene road…

Over the last 10,000 years, the Earth has oscillated between warming and cooling on several different cycles. The dominant cycle over the last 10,000 years has had an average frequency of 800 years and an average amplitude of 1.8° C… Alternating 400-yr periods of warming and cooling. The last warming phase began around 1600 AD. The average warming leg has lasted 421 years. We’re about 410 years into the most recent warming leg. The average warming leg has resulted in 1.81° C of warming. The Earth has warmed by about 1.6° C since 1600.

Until I looked at the ice core data in detail, I thought we had at least 90 years left in this warming leg and most likely had more than 300 years of warming left. But, it looks like the ~1,500-yr Bond Cycle has been running kind of fast over the last 10,000 years.

On the “bright side”… The ~1,500-yr cycle had an amplitude of 15° C to 20° C back in the Pleistocene.


2 Responses to ““An undeniable defeat in stemming climate change in this country””

  1. Dr M Says:

    I read and respond to the YA site only as a diversion at times I am waiting for patients or residents, or ?, and I freely admit it has been many years since I took any of the physical sciences which seem to be the basis of much of the climate change discussion, although some of the interpretations of the basic tenants of the scientific method seem to have changed significantly, or at least the interpretation thereof in the YA sites. I realize that Yahoo is operated by the ultra-left, and it comforts me somehow in a dysfunctional sort of way to utilize their site to deride those who are expositors of the climate change silliness.
    At any rate, I appreciate your candor and scientific explanations, and I applaud your attempt to increase your carbon footprint, to the distress of our friends on the liberal left.
    Keep up the good work.

    • David Middleton Says:

      It’s a fun hobby! I get to employ my professional skills (geology & geophysics) in confounding liberal left enviro-nitwits. Y!A is kind of like target practice.

      Unfortunately I’ve been so busy at work and home that I haven’t had much time for my blog… So much data… So little time to “cherry-pick” all the parts that disprove the Gorebots’ hypotheses!

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