2009-2010 El Niño Fading Fast

You can actually see the most recent El Niño “fade away” in this series of ocean surface topography images…

The top image is from March 1, the middle from March 16 and the bottom from March 31, 2010.

NASA/JPL – Ocean Surface Topography From Space

This El Niño started out as a “weakling” and then grew nearly to the intensity of the 1997-1998 ENSO. It created a very significant warming effect over the past year…

Magenta = 20-yr. Record High
Yellow = 20-yr. Mean
Blue = 20-yr. Record Low
Green = 2009
Light Green = 2010 (the “square” is the most recent measurement)

AMSU-A Temperature Trends From NOAA-15

The daily satellite temperatures in the 600 mb channel had been tracking along the 20-yr average up until last July and then spiked to record high levels in just a couple of weeks – Showing how quickly the ENSO can affect global temperatures. The satellite temperatures remained elevated up until the current El Niño began to fade away.

Over the last few months the monthly satellite-measured lower troposphere temperature had been rivalling 1998…

Dr. Roy Spencer

With El Niño fading and the AMSU-A daily temperatures returning to the 20-yr. mean, we could be seeing a cooler than normal summer (despite NOAA’s recent proclamation of the “Hottest March on Record”).

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