Could a “Carbon Police State” be in our immediate future?

Could a “Carbon Police State” be in our immediate future?

New climate strategy: track the world’s wealthiest

06 Jul 2009

* World’s richest emit about half of Earth’s carbon

* Tracking the wealthy could break climate impasseBy Deborah Zabarenko, Environment Correspondent

* New method would follow individual greenhouse emissions


WASHINGTON, July 6 (Reuters) – To fairly divide the climate change fight between rich and poor, a new study suggests basing targets for emission cuts on the number of wealthy people, who are also the biggest greenhouse gas emitters, in a country.

Since about half the planet’s climate-warming emissions come from less than a billion of its people, it makes sense to follow these rich folks when setting national targets to cut carbon dioxide emissions, the authors wrote on Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…


The study suggests setting a uniform international cap on how much carbon dioxide each person could emit in order to limit global emissions; since rich people emit more, they are the ones likely to reach or exceed this cap, whether they live in a rich country or a poor one…LINK

How in the heck could our government enforce a “uniform international cap on” individual “carbon dioxide” emissions? By establishing a “Carbon Police State.” Goodbye EPA…Hello Enviro-Gestapo!

In the meantime…The Earth continues to be no warmer now than it was 30 years ago…

UAH Lower Trop



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